Andy Benedek
András (Andy) Benedek qualified as a metallurgist and worked in research and industry until he discovered the joy of text. He was an early user (if not the earliest in the UK) of applications such as Fontographer and Illustrator for font creation and lettering, and has been involved in the creation and realisation of numerous custom typefaces for corporate clients (Umbro, QZERO, Bowater, Lloyds Bank, Royal Free Hospital) and brand identities (Liptons teas, Gordons gin, Marlboro cigarettes), for magazines (Royal Academy of Arts, Elle, Marie Claire, Blueprint) and for newspapers (The Scotsman), and lettering, all under the banner of the Font Factory. In 2001 he joined forces with Michael Harvey to form Fine Fonts, a digital foundry. As a freelance journalist, Andy has written extensively for journals such as Brirish printer, Printing World, Eye and MacUser, on hardware and software for typography and design.

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