Apply Interactive

Apply Interactive GmbH is a company specialising in digital typeface services. They have wide experience in font production, modification, conversion, sales, and programming of tools for font production or the improvement of the functionality of digital office documents (Microsoft Office). Their main activities are among others:

  • Creation of electronic documents, forms, and VBA macros for office applications
  • Improvement of the on-screen legibility of digital fonts by applying special hinting techniques (TrueType delta hinting, ClearType hinting)
  • Creation of OpenType fonts in customer specific layouts
  • Conversion of complete font libraries from one format into another, e.g. PostScript Type 1 to OpenType, including connection to SQL databases
  • Implementation of OpenType features
  • Amending of fonts by adding missing characters, logos, or signatures
  • Creation of specially tuned bitmap fonts in almost all bitmap formats.