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Individual Styles from $39.89
Complete family of 7 fonts: $196.87
Aravis Font Family was designed by Anne Hext and published by Aravis contains 7 styles and family package options.

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About Aravis Font Family

Amazingly easy on the eye; it draws the reader in with minimal brain bandwidth use. Designed to enable more focus on the content. Good for web pages. Very Dyslexia friendly.

Our mission has been to create a font that scientifically designed to be dyslexia friendly while also being attractive and useful.

Dyslexia features:

* Each letter is unique even if reversed or flipped.

* The spacing is carefully designed using scientific evidence to help all readers from those who read via word shapes to those who read using phonemes and syllables.

* The visual stress caused by contrast pattern glare is minimised and has fared well when measured by professionals against other common fonts.

* Usefully mid-sized to make it easy to transfer artwork from common fonts to Aravis. This is very helpful when providing reasonable adjustments for people with Dyslexia.

* Based on algorithms found in nature.

Range of use:

Ø 72 Latin based languages

Ø Greek and Coptic

Ø IPA extensions

Ø Good Maths symbols provision with OT support for vulgar fractions

Ø Innovative OT support for creating boxes for forms

Ø Small Capitals with some accents also supported (Czech)

Ø Subscripts and sups: Complete alphabet upper and lower case and numbers

Ø Customers can request additional symbols and characters within reason, or add an accent /shape unique to their country if it fits with the overall mission of the font.

Designers: Anne Hext



Original Foundry: unknown

Design Owner:

MyFonts debut: Apr 2, 2021



Dyslexia Friendly Fonts for use in the office and in Schools. My main focus is on how to reduce pattern glare and how to form letters so that they are instantly recognizable as the letter it is and not able to get mixed or flipped or turned then confused with another letter. I part own a company in the UK called Crossbow Education Ltd. where we have worked in the field of Dyslexia and Visual Stress for over 30 years.

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