Arthur Baker
Arthur Baker, a renowned calligrapher, has designed a collection of calligraphic fonts and flourishes. He has been drawing letters for decades and has written over twenty books on the subject. His style is admired and imitated by many calligraphers and type designers. With his knowledge of letter forms and historical calligraphic styles, along with his own custom designed pens and brushes, Mr. Baker has created a unique library of fonts and continues to develop innovative designs for the 21st century. His work can be seen on hundreds of products; including his Signet Bold font which is used for the word “Coke” on Coca-Cola products. Arthur’s ITC Tiepolo is used on many Lipton products. The Eddie Bauer catalog was using Baker Sans for its logo and text. With so many of his fonts on the market, there are far too many others to mention. Arthur most recently lived in Andover, Massachusetts. When not drawing letters, he could be found flying paper airplanes which he also designed. (His book, Cut and Assemble Paper Airplanes That Fly, is published by Dover.) Arthur Baker’s collection of type designs has been developed by Glyph Systems in Andover, Mass.

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