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Auster Rounded

Auster Rounded

by Resistenza
Individual Styles from $45.00
Complete family of 20 fonts: $120.00
Auster Rounded Font Family was designed by Giuseppe Salerno, Paco González and published by Resistenza. Auster Rounded contains 20 styles and family package options.

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About Auster Rounded Font Family

Auster Rounded Font: Where Flair Meets Softness

Auster Rounded font is the latest iteration of the sensational Auster font family, adding a touch of softness and approachability to its already captivating personality. Retaining the confident yet quirky essence of its predecessor, Auster Rounded stands out with its rounded corners, exuding an air of comfort while maintaining its bold presence.

This new version retains the original's two styles (roman & italic) and offers a 20-weight font family, providing designers with ample versatility.

What truly sets Auster Rounded apart is its unconventional strokes and curves, now softened with rounded corners strategically placed to infuse even more flair and character. The subtle reverse contrast characters remain, adding a touch of sophistication and intrigue that distinguishes it from traditional sans-serif fonts.

Just like its predecessor, each letter of Auster Rounded was meticulously crafted, starting with hand-painted designs using a flat brush. These initial sketches underwent refinement with pencil on tracing paper, ensuring every curve and corner was perfected before being digitized for flawless execution on screen and in print.

Moreover, Auster Rounded boasts full language support and all the OpenType features expected of a top-tier contemporary font, ensuring compatibility and flexibility across various design projects. Whether you're creating a brand identity, editorial layouts, or seeking to infuse personality into your designs, Auster Rounded dares you to be different while embracing comfort and style.

With Auster Rounded, the rebellious spirit of Auster font takes on a softer, more inviting form, inviting designers to explore new realms of creativity with its rounded charm. Embrace the flair, embrace the softness, and make a lasting impression with Auster Rounded font.

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Designers: Giuseppe Salerno, Paco González

Publisher: Resistenza

Foundry: Resistenza

Design Owner: Resistenza

MyFonts debut: Mar 15, 2019

Auster Rounded

About Resistenza

Resistenza specializes in type-design, branding, calligraphy & lettering. Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González are the two founder, italian and spanish, their passion for writing and handcrafted lettering became their strenghts. Brushy types, calligraphic strokes, orginality in faces are their best distinguished characteristic. The first type was Afrobeat, a multiline circular type that grows up very fast and becase their first product on the list. But afterwards may other experiments more expressive like Berliner Fraktur, or an english copperplate like Copperlove bring Giuseppe Salerno's hand into a typeface. The Premium Foundry page can be viewed Here.

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