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by Eyad Al-Samman
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Awwam Font Family was designed by Eyad Al-Samman and published by Eyad Al-Samman. Awwam contains 2 styles and family package options.

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Awwam Complete Family

2 fonts

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About Awwam Font Family

Awwam refers to the region of Awwam which is now thought by most scholars to be Ma'rib or the famous temple of Awwam otherwise known as Mahram Bilqis. The Awwam temple—Arabic Haram Bilqis or Mahram Bilqis—is a Sabaean temple near Ma'rib in today's Yemen. It was built by Mukarrib ‘Yada'il Dharih I’ between the 7th and 5th century B.C. Also, one of the most frequent titles of the God ‘Almaqah’ was the Lord of Awwam. Almaqah was the main God of the ancient Yemeni kingdom of Saba' and also the kingdoms of D’mt and Aksum in Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia. Different members of the ruling dynasties of Saba' regarded themselves as Almaqah’s children.

Awwam is a wide and headline Arabic display typeface. The main trait of this typeface is the wide, curved, and streamlined design of its wide kashida, letters, and ligatures. This feature renders it as one of the modern stylish typefaces used for headlines, titles, headers, banners, and captions. Among the distinguished letters of Awwam typeface are the “Alef”, “Qaaf”, “Waaw”, “Yaa”, “Gheen”, and others. Moreover, Awwam typeface has a character set which supports Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and simple Latin letters/numerals with a limited range of specific Arabic and Latin ligatures. This typefac comes in two styles (i.e., Awwam, and Awwam-Pro) with a single weight (i.e., regular) and nearly 650 distinctive glyphs for each style.

Due to its ultra-wide design, Awwam typeface is mostly appropriate for headings and titles in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. It can be graphically and visually exploited in books, novels, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, posters, and interfaces of other objects such as clothes and equipment. Moreover, it can be pleasingly used for signs, books’ covers, advertisement light boards, and titles of flyers, and books of children and adults. In brief, Awwam typeface is one of the new wide Arabic typefaces which can be utilized efficiently in diverse graphic, typographic, and artistic works for different languages and cultures.

Designers: Eyad Al-Samman

Publisher: Eyad Al-Samman

Foundry: Eyad Al-Samman

Original Foundry: unknown

Design Owner: Eyad Al-Samman

MyFonts debut: Mar 15, 2019


About Eyad Al-Samman

Eyad Al-Samman is a Yemeni author, lecturer, typographer, and freelance graphic designer. He was born in Sana'a, the capital city of Yemen, and still lives there. Eyad has a bachelor degree in electrical and computer engineering and a master's degree in business administration. He works as an assistant lecturer in local Yemeni universities and community colleges. He teaches there managerial and other subjects in English language. Eyad has started working as a graphic designer since 1999 and discovered the magic world of typography in the mid-2000s. His first designed typeface was Loyolliams which he designed in the late of 2005. His fonts are mostly used in typesetting and publishing of different texts including Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Kurdish, Latin, Cyrillic, and other texts. One of his composed pangrams is (waxy gents chalked over my fab jazzy quip) which contains 34 letters.

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