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Bandung Pro

Bandung Pro by Majestype
Individual Styles from $24.00
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Complete family of 2 fonts: $39.00
Bandung Pro Font Family was designed by Dexsar Harry Anugrah, Erwin Indrawan and published by Majestype. Bandung Pro contains 2 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Bandung Pro Font Family

Bandung Pro from Majestype was made to capture the natural movement of a brush script infused with the elegance of copperplate hand. With 6 months in the making, we want to make sure that the character set connects each other as natural and seamless as handwriting would be. We give you vast amounts of glyph options(700+) added with lots of swashes and flourishes to give you an authentic look of hand-made brush letters.

Aceserif Pro is an all-caps serif font inspired by traditional serif and art deco design. Equipped with 220 Glyphs and has the current OpenType features. We made the uppercase letters slightly larger than the lowercase letters to give a good impression when used in designs that don’t require a lot of words, such as headlines or headers. You can try it like this, “HeadlineS” - Capital letters are at the beginning and end of a word.

Bandung Pro & Aceserif Pro is suitable for a wine label, photography, invitation, ID card, tattoo, poster, logo, title, tees, branding, etc.

Designers: Dexsar Harry Anugrah, Erwin Indrawan

Publisher: Majestype

Foundry: Majestype

Design Owner: Majestype

MyFonts debut: Feb 14, 2022

Bandung Pro

About Majestype

We love typefaces like breath. Born and raised in Makassar City, Indonesia. We've created more than 30 typefaces since 2012, and we love typefaces with a unique style that can be adapted to a variety of designs. Likewise, we are passionate about typefaces and as long as the fire is still burning, we will continue to create typefaces that can be useful for everyone, like our slogan "Worthwhile Through Type". - Majestype 2012