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Baro Font Family was designed by Julie Soudanne and published by Indian Type Foundry. Baro contains 7 styles and family package options.

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Baro Family

7 fonts

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  • Baro Plain Baro Plain

  • Baro Contour Baro Contour

  • Baro Line One Baro Line One

  • Baro Line Two Baro Line Two

  • Baro Line Three Baro Line Three

  • Baro Line Four Baro Line Four

  • Baro Strip Baro Strip

Per style:


Pack of 7 styles:


About Baro Font Family

Baro is a family of seven sans serif fonts. Its style is geometric, and its letterforms are all-caps. Some of the Baro fonts can be layered overtop one another for chromatic typesetting. The base style of the family is the Baro Plain font; all of its characters are comprised of thick, monolinear strokes. Baro Plain can be used on its own as a very heavy geometric sans, or it can be placed as a base behind other Baro fonts*. The characters in the Baro LineOne font are made up of very thin strokes. The letters don’t sit on an even baseline, but bounce up and down along the line of text. In Baro LineTwo, each character is drawn with two parallel strokes – an outline and an inline, with a thick hollow counter space between them. Baro LineThree just is like Baro LinoTwo, but with thicker strokes. Baro LineFour is a stand-alone font; its characters each have thin inline strokes in the center of their ‘backgrounds’ thick monolinear strokes. Baro Contour is yet another font like Baro LineTwo, except that its parallel strokes are even thinner. Finally, Baro Strip is a prismatic version of Baro, which can either stand alone or combine with Baro Plain. In Baro Contour, the ‘strokes’ of each letterform are made up of five parallel lines. Baro was developed by the Paris-based designer Julie Soudanne. *Chromatic typesetting is relatively simple to do in Adobe Creative Suite applications: just repeat the same text on multiple layers, use a different font on each layer, and make the text on each layer have a unique color.

Designers: Julie Soudanne

Publisher: Indian Type Foundry

Foundry: Indian Type Foundry

Design Owner: Indian Type Foundry

MyFonts debut: Mar 23, 2018


About Indian Type Foundry

Founded in 2009, the Indian Type Foundry (ITF) designs and distributes fine-quality, multilingual fonts for both the Indian and global market. ITF specialises in creating and developing both custom and retail fonts. ITF has designed and licensed fonts to some of the world’s most iconic brands including Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, Amazon and Hyundai to name just a few. Its retail library offers fonts for text and display use, in visual styles ranging from traditional to experimental. ITF currently offers over 200 retail font families across 20 writing systems. ITF’s Kohinoor font family is on permanent display at London’s Design Museum as part of the “Designer Maker User” exhibition, which recognises this work as a historic milestone in the field of graphic design.

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