My journey as a designer began in the year 2000. After 15 years in the field, I ventured into the realm of typography by drawing my first handwritten font. Deeply inspired by the works of the renowned American designer Doyald Young, I embraced the challenge of creating my own handwritten fonts. As a self-taught artist, I focused intensely on the aesthetic aspect of my fonts, aiming to ensure that each one is as visually appealing as possible.Alongside this artistic pursuit, I dedicated significant effort to understanding market trends and demands, ensuring that my creations meet the expectations and needs of fellow designers. My works are characterized by an abundance of alternatives and ligatures, a testament to my relentless search for perfection in form.I find joy in crafting handwritten fonts, utilizing both modern tools like the iPad and traditional methods involving manual sketching, where each letter is carefully plotted by points. This process, while time-consuming and demanding, is a labor of love for me.I invite you to join me on this artistic journey. You can follow my latest projects and updates on Instagram and explore more on my website I look forward to welcoming you into my world of typography.