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Blue Goblet Drawn

Blue Goblet Drawn™

by insigne
Individual Styles from $5.00
Complete family of 18 fonts: $55.75
Blue Goblet Drawn Font Family was designed by Jeremy Dooley and published by insigne. Blue Goblet Drawn contains 21 styles and family package options.

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About Blue Goblet Drawn Font Family

This best selling series has now been extended to include a new member, Blue Goblet Drawn. Blue Goblet is hand-drawn by the artist, Cory Godbey, and is organic, charming and exuberant. Characters bounce and dance above and below the baseline and x-height, making this a whimsical and fun script. Not only is Blue Goblet Drawn a excellent choice, it also is also a versatile member of a wide family of different fonts. You can use it side by side with the original Blue Goblet fonts, and there are a wide range of ornaments available in the supplemental ornament sets--over 370 illustrations! These illustrations include doodley frames, lovely florals and other text ornaments that can be inserted into your text and resized at will. This makes the Blue Goblet series a great pick when you want a type system for a very unique and consistent look. The Blue Goblet series also continues to expand, making any of these family members a valuable investment for the future. Blue Goblet Drawn comes in three weights and three widths in each weight, with complementary italics for maximum impact for a total of eighteen pro fonts. The compact thin weights are delicate and tall, while the Regular has just enough heft for those situations where subtlety doesn't work. If you don't need the professional features, there are three stripped down fonts that include only the basic character set! Blue Goblet Drawn also includes auto-replacing ligatures that make it appear that the script was drawn by the artistís own hand--just for you! Blue Goblet Drawn also includes a wide variety of alternates that can be accessed in any OpenType enabled application. Blue Goblet includes over 190 additional glyphs and is loaded with features including an even more unique alternate alphabet. Included are swash alternates, style sets, old style figures and small caps. Please see the informative PDF brochure to see these features in action. OpenType enabled applications such as the Adobe suite or Quark can take full advantage of the automatic replacing ligatures and alternates. This family also includes the glyphs to support a wide range of languages. Blue Goblet Drawn is a great choice for friendly display type in children's books, packaging, organic packaging or other unique applications. Use Blue Goblet whenever you want to inject a handmade sense of fun and whimsy to your designs. Give the Blue Goblet series a whirl today!

Designers: Jeremy Dooley

Publisher: insigne

Foundry: insigne

Design Owner: insigne

MyFonts debut: Feb 4, 2013

Blue Goblet Drawn™ is a trademark of insigne.

About insigne

“Type is very much like music,” says Jeremy Dooley. “It is linear, and the notes or phrases have to fit the theme or song.” Jeremy, owner of the one-man foundry, insigne, is a self-taught type designer and a true self-made success story. His label is home to over a hundred font families, many of which have seen great success. Aviano has made our Best of the Year list not just once, but twice and has been featured in Hollywood blockbusters. You may have noticed various iterations of Aviano in Wall Street, Harry Potter, and Thor, and it was used for the branding of Robin Hood. Jeremy considers type to be the foundation of advanced visual communication. One form of communication that the Chattanooga-based designer is drawn to is branding. In 2011, Jeremy, took on the enormous project of coming up with a typeface that would communicate the tone and feeling of his hometown; a font that would effectively brand the city. In 2013, the result, Chatype, was named the official typeface of Chattanooga TN. “Every city needs a brand,” he says, “as every city needs to highlight its own distinctive offerings.” Like many designers, his creations are often the result of his interests. “I especially like seeing my typefaces in movies, on luxury packaging, and for technology companies,” he says. “These are interests of mine, and I often design fonts with those specific applications in mind. It’s very interesting to me that I frequently see fonts used in exactly the way I originally envisioned.” Since he began selling his first font on MyFonts in 2004, the man who will tell anyone who asks, “I’m not really from anywhere,” has continuously drawn inspiration from his many experiences gained from living all over the globe. Want more of Jeremy? The designer sat down with us for an in-depth interview in this issue of Creative Characters.

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