Boover Software

Boover Software is the one man show of Tom Schmidt, creating shareware, donationware, postcardware, and freeware in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Its flagship products are the SeriFractions and SansFractions fonts for Macintosh and Windows. These fonts are used in the production of the Knoxville (Tennessee) News-Sentinel and Colorado Springs (Colorado) Gazette newspapers, and the AARP magazine. A site license is also held by Lowe's Home Improvement. They have been featured in the 5th and 6th Editions of Macworld Mac Secrets, the June 1999 issue of MacAddict magazine, and the September 1997 issue of Macworld magazine (Quick Tips, page 149). Also featured in MacUser Japan, Macworld France, HyperLib (Japan), and by the Software Of The Month Club and Pacific HiTech INFO-MAC CD-ROMs. Other Boover Software products include DropZipper (drag & drop Zip archive creator), Software Database (AppleWorks database to track software/hardware info), Scroll Bars (control panel to set hidden scroll bar options in Mac OS 8.5-9.X), and several desktop pictures of items of interest to Minnesota fans and Apple fans.