Bruce Rogers
Bruce Rogers – born 14. 5. 1870 in Lynnwood, USA, died 21. 5. 1957 in New Fairfield, USA – typographer, type designer, illustrator, artist. 1885–90: trains as an artist at Purdue College near Lynnwood. From 1894 onwards: produces graphics for "Modern Art" magazine. 1896: joins Riverside Press in Boston, founded in 1888. 1900–12: Riverside’s special prints achieve world acclaim under Roger’s management. Rogers designs over fifty book editions for the press, often using typefaces he has cut exclusively for some of the books (e. g. Montaigne, Riverside Modern and Brimmer). Post-1912: frequent work for Metroplitan Press and Montague Press. 1915: designs the book "The Centaur" for Montague Press. 1917–19: works as printing adviser for Cambridge University Press in England and from 1920–28 for Harvard University Press. Works as a typographer for W. E. Rudge publishers in New York. 1929–31: works with Oxford University Press and Emery Walker. 1935: the Oxford Lectern Bible, designed by Rogers and set in his "Centaur typeface", is published. Fonts: Brimmer (1901), Montaigne (1902), Riverside Modern (1904), (1915), Metropolitan (1928–1930). Publications include: "Paragraphs on printing", New York 1943. Joseph Blumenthal "Bruce Rogers, a life in letters", Austin 1989. * TYPOGRAPHY – An Encyclopedic Survey of Type Design and Techniques Throughout History by Friedrich Friedl, Nicolaus Ott (Editor), Bernard Stein, published by Könemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH. Centaur is a trademark of Monotype Typography.

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