Caleb East

I'm 21. I've lived in Texas all my life. I went to a design school for about a semester, but I ended up finding out that it was rather corrupt and decided to jump ship and learn what I needed through books, online courses and other non-institutional material. I met my design partner at the school, and we plan on running a little branding studio after he graduates. I'm mostly working solo until then on making fonts, taking up design gigs, and illustrating, self-publishing for a children's book author. My family are sort of following suit in following their passions and trying to make a living from it; my mom is a potter, dad is trying to do a handful of crafty things like leather making, woodworking, arcade machine revival and kiln repair (and I get to do logos for all of these projects!), and my little brother is starting his own little auto-detailing service, which he just hired his best friend as a wingman for. Design and art hold a special place in my life, as they never cease to inspire and urge me to keep on going.

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