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Campcraft by Our House Graphics
Individual Styles from $0.00
Complete family of 4 fonts: $22.00
Campcraft Font Family was designed by Russell A. McGorman and published by Our House Graphics. Campcraft contains 4 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Campcraft Font Family

Remember those plastic Popsicle sticks that clicked together and you could make things from them with your sticky little fingers? Things like... camp crafts. Well, no� Of course you don't. You were too young. That�s why there is Campcraft.

This is a fun loving dot-matrix font, or it would be a fun loving dot-matrix if the vertical and horizontal grid lines didn't pile up at the intersections. Then again, it wouldn't be any fun if they didn't pile up at the intersections, would it?

Strictly a display type... Campcraft is excellent for what the name suggests. I goes well with Christmas sweaters, beaded jackets and purses and that time when we were all happy children with sticky little fingers.

Designers: Russell A. McGorman

Publisher: Our House Graphics

Foundry: Our House Graphics

Design Owner: Our House Graphics

MyFonts debut: Mar 25, 2011


About Our House Graphics

Hi. My name is Russell McGorman and I design type. I have been making and publishing fonts since 2009 as a part of my part time freelance graphic design business. Since 2017, Our House Graphics has been my full time job, and making fonts has been a significant part of what I do. So far, most of my typefaces are all about being expression. Type, after all, communicates more than the words it’s used to write.