Casloop Studio

Hi, Caslooper here. We love to work alternately that's why we call our people Caslooper. Some of us are freelancers and employees. Everyone has expertise in typography and graphic design as well, works at the same time, and jokes even though our desk is not aligned (different regions). We toasted and established Casloop Studio in 2022.Thanks to Nina for providing a fun platform to brainstorm ideas and laugh at our excitement about typefaces.Talking about our projects; there is nothing more fun than working on Casloop Hub. Here We are unbound to approach letterforms, add value by OpenType features, or generate rare strokes from our freehand into a font that can be applied in various media. So far, We are standing upright to map out display fonts in our library.The above statement sounds casual. However, we are fully dedicated to consistently finding our audience's needs for typefaces and designing from our POV. We do not expect to be an inspiration, but at least we endeavor our product will solve your problem.Follow our attractive product presentations on Behance.Cheers.