Christoph Reichelt

Dipl. Des. Christoph Reichelt, born in 1967 in Munich, is a thoroughbred Designer, for three decades now working on industrial products, buildings, vehicles, and printed stuff. Deep interest and basic knowledge in typography he gained from Philipp Luidl, chairman of the renowned tgm. His formal sensitivity got a tough training at Audi Design during his studies. With several years of practical experience in graphic design, he specialized in Corporate Design, creating e.g. the appearance of a private jet company, a soda maker, a manufacturer of high-end curtain rods, dietary supplements, and – for 20 years now – a manufacturer of industrial components. After creating several fonts for private and corporate use, he’s now going to present some extraordinary typeface designs to the public. True to the motto “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively,” his designs are mainly obligated to rules of their own. Types with a twist, yet surprisingly usable, and as professional as you would expect.