My name is Siti Saribanon Nurjanah, I live in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.I am a teacher and a housewife.About my Typography work, It started when I helped my husband's studio (38.lineart), he need my input regarding feminism in design, I love creating letters and I aim to demonstrate that passion through my designs. after a long time we agreed to create another studio with the concept of feminism and Fabulous. at the end of 2019 I decided to create a studio which I named Cititype. This studio focuses on script fonts that tend to be feminism, elegant, fashionable and all the designs that contain beautiful lettering and typography.I believe that handwriting is unique and always stands out. handwritten fonts are widely used for modern brands unique digital products, this style has a prominent visual power.I'm sure this style will continue to grow along with emerging media used to create fonts.I continue to learn various techniques and media for creating font, especially with simple media and tools. addition to showing a natural impression its also helps skills in my lettering.Half of my days as a teacher at school, the rest I am at home making fonts while taking care of my little family. My hope is that my typefaces will assist you in your creative endeavors

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