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by Heyfonts
Individual Styles from $25.00
Complete family of 18 fonts: $35.00
Collogue Font Family was designed by Asep Rendy and published by Heyfonts. Collogue contains 18 styles and family package options.

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About Collogue Font Family

Collogue - Variable Font is a cutting-edge and versatile typeface that brings a new level of adaptability to display typography. Unlike traditional fonts with fixed styles, a variable font allows designers to manipulate various aspects of the typeface, such as weight, width, and slant, along a continuous spectrum. Here's a comprehensive explanation of the features and functions of the Display Variable Font:

Key Features:

-Adaptive Design Elements: The primary feature of the Display Variable Font is its adaptability. -Designers can seamlessly vary specific attributes of the font, including weight, width, slant, and more. -This flexibility empowers designers to fine-tune the typography to suit the visual aesthetics of their projects.

-Single Font File, Multiple Styles: Display Variable Fonts consolidate multiple styles into a single font file. This eliminates the need for separate files for different styles, providing a streamlined and efficient solution for designers.

-Smooth Transitions: Changes in the font attributes occur smoothly and continuously. Unlike traditional fonts that switch abruptly between styles, a Display Variable Font ensures a fluid transition, allowing for a more harmonious and visually pleasing typographic experience.

-Precision Control: Designers have precise control over the variation axis, enabling them to adjust the font's appearance with granular precision. This level of control enhances the typographic customization possibilities and allows for fine-tuning based on specific design requirements.

-Responsive Typography: Display Variable Fonts excel in responsive design. They adapt gracefully to various screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring optimal readability and aesthetics across different devices.


-Dynamic Branding: For brands looking to establish a dynamic and adaptable visual identity, Display Variable Fonts offer the perfect solution. The font's ability to adjust seamlessly allows for a versatile and cohesive branding experience across diverse applications.

-Editorial Freedom: In editorial design, Display Variable Fonts provide editorial teams with the freedom to experiment with typography. The font can be adjusted to suit different sections or emphasis points within publications, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

-Web Design Innovation: Display Variable Fonts are at the forefront of innovation in web design. They enable designers to create dynamic and interactive typographic elements that respond to user interactions, contributing to a modern and engaging web experience.

-Attention-Grabbing Displays: Whether used in signage, banners, or large-scale displays, Display Variable Fonts stand out with their adaptability. Designers can experiment with different styles within a single font to create attention-grabbing and visually dynamic displays.

-Customizable Interfaces: In digital interfaces, Display Variable Fonts provide a customizable typographic experience. Designers can optimize text elements for different device sizes and orientations, ensuring a seamless and visually pleasing user interface.

-Innovative Advertising: Display Variable Fonts offer a fresh approach to advertising typography. Brands and advertisers can leverage the font's adaptability to create visually striking and memorable campaigns across various media channels.

In summary, Display Variable Fonts represent a groundbreaking evolution in typographic design, providing designers with unprecedented flexibility and control

Designers: Asep Rendy

Publisher: Heyfonts

Foundry: Heyfonts

Design Owner: Heyfonts

MyFonts debut: Jan 11, 2024


About Heyfonts

Heyfonts is a digital type foundry & graphic design founded in 2022 based in Bandung, Indonesia. We are multidisciplinary designers who share ideas for some unique and fresh designs. We crafted the typeface and calligraphy with love and passion.our team has a distinct design touch, which emerges from what they see, hear and feel every day. That affects the outcome of their design. Therefore we free them to do new experiments and develop the skills they have. That's why we can create something fresh and what consumers need in creating new designs and fonts

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