Cory Maylett
As a kid, I insisted on drawing the “y” in my name with straight lines. My teacher liked curves. I disagreed. She won the battle, but I persevered. Victory arrived toward the end of the school year when she forfeited her advantage by suddenly passing away. (Okay, I just made up that last part.) At my university, I wanted to become a sculptor. Common sense got the best of me, so I switched to the only related field with a chance of earning a living — graphic design. After graduation came a string of ordeals at ad agencies and design studios. I finally landed a real job as a designer at a daily newspaper before heading back to graduate school as part of a mid-life crisis. I've done other impressive stuff and collected some nice design awards too. I'll leave it at that, though, since you're only skimming through this. In the early 1990s, I released my first typeface — an original shareware font named Faktos. More recently, I decided to get serious and complete a few commercial-quality typefaces that have been rattling around in my head for years. My wife and I share the house with our beagle. I bring this up because, in all fairness, she deserves partial credit for my work. Her incessant need to go outside to relieve herself on the lawn keeps me from falling asleep at the computer. Just to be clear, I'm referring, to our beagle, not my lovely wife. — Cory Maylett

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