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by Wilton Foundry
Individual Styles from $29.00
Cyan Font Family was designed by Robbie de Villiers and published by Wilton Foundry. Cyan contains 10 styles.

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About Cyan Font Family

The design of Cyan was inspired by features found in classic Roman and styles like Trajan and Bodebeck. It shows the designer's personal preference for geometric Roman proportions while incorporating open centers (B,P,R) and compact serifs. Unlike Trajan, Cyan has lowercase characters in the regular version. The characters stay true to the same features as the capitals, resulting in an unusually distinctive style. The Regular Capitals version contains Roman numerals. Cyan's weight is similar to Trajan's but the horizontal strokes are slightly bolder resulting in better legibility for small sizes, especially for lowercase characters. There are many subtle details in Cyan that become more interesting in larger sizes, for instance the subtle curves in the serifs and the overall smoothness as a result of the mostly rounded angles. Cyan is a robust font that will exceed expectations in areas never explored before. The name is inspired by the Greek word cyan, meaning "blue". The color cyan can have many different variations. One definition is a color made by mixing equal amounts of green and blue light (it also is a pure spectral color). As such, cyan is the complement of red: cyan pigments absorb red light. Cyan is sometimes called blue-green or turquoise and often goes undistinguished from light blue. Obviously the Cyan family is a perfect companion to the Cyan Sans family.

Designers: Robbie de Villiers

Publisher: Wilton Foundry

Foundry: Wilton Foundry

Original Foundry: unknown

Design Owner: Wilton Foundry

MyFonts debut: Jul 20, 2006


About Wilton Foundry

Wilton Foundry was started by award-winning graphic designer Robbie de Villiers. Robbie has extensive training in calligraphy which fuels his love for designing fonts. He considers it a huge privilege designing fonts that are the ultimately messengers of thinking that can stir emotions and perhaps even cause life-changing experiences to its recipients. EYE magazine issue 86 features Wilton Foundry's Ciseaux & Pezzo fonts. The BBC used Wilton Foundry's "Plumage" for their classic 4 season hit series "Lark Rise To Candleford" One of the oldest cities in Germany, the city of Erfurt uses the WERK family as their official font.

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