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by Shinntype
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Dair Font Family was designed by Carl Dair, Nick Shinn and published by Shinntype. Dair contains 6 styles and family package options.

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6 fonts

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  • Dair Dair

  • Dair Italic Dair Italic

  • Dair 67 Dair 67

  • Dair 67 Dair 67

  • Dair 67 Italic Dair 67 Italic

  • Dair TBNT Dair TBNT

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Pack of 6 styles:


About Dair Font Family

Designer: Carl Dair Revived by: Nick Shinn A restoration of the first Canadian-designed typeface, which was completed by Carl Dair in 1967 and named after 16th century explorer Jacques Cartier, who mapped the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the 1530s. The design is characterized by ascenders which tower dramatically above the capitals, by condensed italic minuscules inclined at a mere 6 degrees—and by its profound empathy for the core principles of the roman type form, originating over 500 years ago. The revival was made from a printed example of the face, in the The Magic Fiddler, and Other Legends of French Canada by Claude Aubry, published in 1968. Dair 67 and Dair 67 Italic will create facsimiles of the original fonts’ typesetting. Dair and Dair Italic are fully-featured 21st century fonts. Dair TBNT is precisely fitted and kerned for the Tight But Not Touching style of the 1970s (notably different from both Optical kerning and tracked-in Dair).

Designers: Carl Dair, Nick Shinn

Publisher: Shinntype

Foundry: Shinntype

Design Owner: Shinntype

MyFonts debut: Nov 3, 2017

Dair® is a registered trademark of Shinn Type Foundry Inc., and Shinntype is a registered trademark of Shinn Type Foundry Inc.

About Shinntype

These are Nick Shinn’s designs, firmly rooted in the best of the European and North American typographic tradition as it continually evolves. They are solid in text, providing all the bells and whistles of expert typography, and smart in display, with an impeccable attention to detail. Building on his experience as an art director and graphic designer in the 1980s and 90s, and as a pioneer of digital media, Nick launched Shinntype—one of the first online type foundries—in 1998. Shinntype now presents a rich and eclectic catalogue of unique fonts, tailored to contemporary taste.

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