Daniel Isdell
Dan Isdell is a graphic artist, web designer and programmer living in San Jose, California. He has been a font addict from an early age, first with pencils and markers and then with good old Speedball pens. He designed his first full font at age 15. Attending a technical high school gave him the opportunity to learn typesetting by hand with movable metal type. His parents were both bookbinders and one of his first jobs was working at a real type foundry, where part of his job was stocking the linotype machines with fresh lead and melting galleys full of no longer needed type. Later, working as an engineer allowed him to use computers and CAD systems to design letterforms. As a Senior Web Design Engineer and graphic artist he had the opportunity to apply his love of typography to logos and user-interface design. Although he has yet to publish any of his letterform fonts, he has released the Celtic Knot Font. Its development stemmed from his interest in his hereditary Scottish culture, and the study of Celtic knotwork as embellishments for his leatherwork, knife-making and jewelry-making hobbies. The Celtic Knot Font has been a big success with well over 8000 copies sold. Dan can be reached by phone at (408) 270-7227 email: [email protected] web site: http://www.clanbadge.com

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