Danielle Paradis
Hi, my name is Danielle. My husband and I have twin 4 year olds that the Lord has richly blessed us with. I love scrapbooking and have enjoyed doing it for about 10 years now. I love being able to develop my pages, with many different looks by experimenting with various forms of writing; and making my words, unique and funky looking! My family has always said that I had the only creative bone in the family, and I love developing that! As a child, I would sometimes spend the night with a flashlight under my blanket, just doodling and writing and drawing till the wee hours of the night! Still today, I love doodling and drawing, this time though, I do it in my free time (with twin 4 year olds, there isn’t a lot of it!) But all the same it is a passion of mine. I hope you enjoy ‘writing’ with my Danielle font as much as I do!

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