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Data Error AOE

Data Error AOE™

by Astigmatic
Licenses from $19.95
Complete family of 4 fonts: $19.95
Data Error AOE Font Family was designed by Brian J. Bonislawsky and published by Astigmatic. Data Error AOE contains 4 styles and family package options.

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Data Error AOE

4 fonts

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  • Data Error AOE Data Error AOE

  • Data Error AOE Oblique Data Error AOE Oblique

  • Data Error AOE Bold Data Error AOE Bold

  • Data Error AOE Bold Oblique Data Error AOE Bold Oblique

Per style:


Pack of 4 styles:


About Data Error AOE Font Family

Inspired by some old printouts of BASIC programs and an Atari 1050 Disk Drive manual with pin printer examples, comes the familiar yet oddly restricted style with this Data Error family. This family comes complete with Regular and Bold versions with their respective Oblique versions. Odd pin printer restrictions inherent in this typeface are: no characters extend below baseline or above ascender line, (except international accents). A nostalgic typeface for computer programmers everywhere, strong and legible at any size, Data Error is perfect for so many purposes, get it today!

Designers: Brian J. Bonislawsky

Publisher: Astigmatic

Foundry: Astigmatic

Design Owner: Astigmatic

MyFonts debut: Oct 1, 2002

Data Error AOE™ is a trademark of Astigmatic.

About Astigmatic

In 1873, the strange and fantastic story began. Nearly two centuries later, Brian J. Bonislawsky was born, and carrying on a mix of the the footsteps his ancestors before him took, he picked up the the traditions and founded the Astigmatic One Eye Foundry, which later expanded to become the Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute. (For more of the background story, see the Historical Perspective link below.) Since its founding Astigmatic has worked with dozens of designers, helping them forge their own foundries as well as helping to increase the quality of type created by Astigmatic and these other foundries. Astigmatic strives to continually increase its range of typographic scope; taking on expeditions to revive old typestyles, unearth long lost typefaces, forge new styles yet unseen, and begin to develop more comprehensive language typestyles of the WGL4 set size which includes Greek and Cyrillic extensions. If you are looking for a wide variety of typographic influence and style, the Astigmatic One Eye Institute is your source for type.

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