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Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

by Comicraft
Individual Styles from $19.00
Complete family of 4 fonts: $49.00
Deep Thoughts Font Family was designed by John Roshell and published by Comicraft. Deep Thoughts contains 4 styles and family package options.

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About Deep Thoughts Font Family

Dear Universe,

A child’s face can say a lot, can’t it? Especially the mouth part, which seems to say, “If God dwells inside of us, I sure hope he likes burritos, because that’s what he’s getting.”

A font can say a lot, too. Especially when it spells out words that make sentences like this one. Or paragraphs, like this one. This font is a very serious font that can write letters for you. You should probably sit down at a nice mahogany desk when you use this font, and stare into the middle distance thinking: “It’s sad, isn’t it, that a family can be torn apart by something as simple as wild dogs?”

But you have to laugh. Dad always said that laughter is the best medicine, which is probably why most of my siblings died of tuberculosis. I’d prefer to die in my sleep, like dad’s dad. Not screaming like the passengers on his bus.

I hope you like all the ligatures and joined-up parts of this letter. I didn’t learn cursive when I was at school, but I didn’t need to, did I? Because those awfully nice chaps at Comicraft developed Deep Thoughts for me. Pretty soon I won’t have to think at all!

Thanks, Universe!

Designers: John Roshell

Publisher: Comicraft

Foundry: Comicraft

Design Owner: Comicraft

MyFonts debut: Feb 26, 2024

Deep Thoughts

About Comicraft

The World's Greatest Comic Book Fonts! Having dutifully lettered thousands of comic books, Comicraft's Fearless Fonts save the day in video games, TV shows, movie titles and wherever fun, lively fonts are needed. In 1992, the Dynamic Duo of Richard Starkings and John Roshelll, and their Fearless Fleet of Font Finaglers, began providing unique design and fine lettering to the comic book, TV and video game industries, and have become known for pioneering the use of the computer in the art of comic book lettering. Trapped in a world they never made, Comicraft's Fearless Fonts will come to the rescue in the nick of time!The Premium foundry page can be viewed Here.

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