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by Borges Lettering
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Complete family of 13 fonts: $99.00
Desire Font Family was designed by Charles Borges de Oliveira and published by Borges Lettering. Desire contains 13 styles and family package options.

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13 fonts

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  • Desire Pro Desire Pro

  • Desire Basic Desire Basic

  • Desire Lowercase 1 Desire Lowercase 1

  • Desire Lowercase 2 Desire Lowercase 2

  • Desire Lowercase 3 Desire Lowercase 3

  • Desire Uppercase 1 Desire Uppercase 1

  • Desire Uppercase 2 Desire Uppercase 2

  • Desire Uppercase 3 Desire Uppercase 3

  • Desire Uppercase 4 Desire Uppercase 4

  • Desire Uppercase 5 Desire Uppercase 5

  • Desire Uppercase 6 Desire Uppercase 6

  • Desire Uppercase 7 Desire Uppercase 7

  • Desire Uppercase 8 Desire Uppercase 8

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About Desire Font Family

With over five years of design and development, Desire is a pursuit of epic proportions and ready to make a statement by adding elegance and unique flair to your next design project. Cultivated by his passion of letters, Charles Borges de Oliveira has developed one of his largest typefaces to date. Featuring 644 alternate letters, 98 ligatures, 8 flourishes and 6 catchwords, Desire offers an expansive set of options to create logos, headlines and titling. It is well suited for book covers, editorial, packaging, advertising, branding and more. From period style and Victorian to modern and elegant, Desire is strong and stately yet elegant and decorous. Some of the alternate uppercase forms feature delicate line flourishes creating a subtle background for additional letters to rest – the result is an intertwining and beautifully flourished design. Unique ligatures go beyond function and add eye catching flair and style. You'll enjoy experimenting with the different flourishes and styles. It’s a different font every time you use it. Desire is truly a designer’s dream come true! A little video showing how to use Desire in Illustrator CC A note from MyFonts: to see some of the available Stylistic Sets, try selecting a different selection from the Sample text: drop-down option. PLEASE NOTE: If your design software has access to the glyphs palette then please only install the Desire PRO font. As this keeps all of the kerning intact and you have access to all of the alternates, ligatures, catchwords and flourishes. Examples of design software that use the glyph’s palette are Illustrator, InDesign, Corel and various others. If your software does not have a glyphs palette then you can either use the Windows character map (if you are on a PC) or an outside character map. A good one is PopChar. Their website is: If you choose to not use an outside character map then please install Desire Basic and the other 11 font files. This has Desire broken down into multiple fonts so you can access all of the alternates, ligatures, catchwords and flourishes. The only downside to this is the kerning is lost. Instructions are included in the Desire Character Map PDF.

Designers: Charles Borges de Oliveira

Publisher: Borges Lettering

Foundry: Borges Lettering

Original Foundry: unknown

Design Owner: Borges Lettering

MyFonts debut: Oct 11, 2013


About Borges Lettering

The first letterforms that Charles Borges de Oliveira perfected were done with paint and a brush. As an apprentice sign painter, the designer learned to appreciate letters and all that goes into their creation. When he applied these skills and made a font for his wife called Sarah Script, he knew that his love for letters had evolved into a new medium. A studio offering high quality fonts as well as custom hand-lettering work, Borges Lettering was founded in 2003. Charles’ debut font, Sarah Script, blazed a trail for success that many of his fonts have since followed. Two of his typefaces, Louisiana and Alpine Script, have been featured in our Rising Stars Newsletters and both spent time on our Best Seller list. “I think what makes our foundry unique,” Charles says, “is that I spend so much time perfecting the letters. It’s not uncommon for me to spend anywhere from a year and a half to five years making a typeface.” His most recent release, and a MyFonts best seller, Desire, took him five years to complete and is one of his largest typefaces to date. You’ve seen his work utilized by high-end clients like NBC, the Food Network, and Sharpie. One of his fonts, Sarah Script, was even featured in promotional material for President Obama’s campaign. With a collaborative font in the works and a new script on the horizon, fans of Charles Borges de Oliveira have a lot to look forward to.

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