The DJ THINK Foundry is rooted in 3D and 2D digital graffiti. The chief creative thinker for this foundry was trained in natural media in the 1990s, but also began using CorelDraw as early as 1991-1992 when he was in the Yearbook Club at his high school. The work he did there was one where he was a forerunner of using the Extrude tools in CorelDraw to create 3D letter-forms whereas most of the other artwork of that era for yearbooks was just flat.Currently DJ THINK uses Houdini, a special effects software dynamo, to create hip-hop based animations, and modular origami animations and printed origami matter. Much of THINK's work incorporates custom fonts he has designed in CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and FontLab 5 Studio. for visiting my foundry ... 13.