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Doctor Cyclops

Doctor Cyclops™ by Haiku Monkey
Individual Styles from $10.00
Complete family of 2 fonts: $10.00
Doctor Cyclops Font Family was designed by Alec Julien, and published by Haiku Monkey. Doctor Cyclops contains 2 styles and family package options. More about this family
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  • Doctor Cyclops
    Doctor Cyclops
  • Doctor Cyclops Italic
    Doctor Cyclops Italic
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Doctor Cyclops

2 fonts
  • Doctor Cyclops Doctor Cyclops

  • Doctor Cyclops Italic Doctor Cyclops Italic

Per Style: $5.00

Pack of 2: $10.00

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About Doctor Cyclops Font Family

Doctor Cyclops, tall, thin, and strong, sits in his laboratory, plotting evil scientific deeds. The villagers, torches in hand, have gathered again at the base of his stone tower, shouting loudly, and breaking his concentration. "Igor!" he calls out to his intrepid assistant. "Get the boiling oil." Igor nods and retreats to a different room. Doctor Cyclops tries to pick up his train of evil thought. The shouting of the villagers takes on an entire new tenor. Igor has completed his task. The Doctor smiles, and reaches for a test tube filled with glowing green liquid...

Designers: Alec Julien

Publisher: Haiku Monkey

Foundry: Haiku Monkey

Design Owner: Haiku Monkey

MyFonts debut: Nov 19, 2009

Doctor Cyclops™ is a trademark of Haiku Monkey.