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by Partu Haodis
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Eezyl Font Family was designed by Partu Haodis and published by Partu Haodis. Eezyl contains 1 styles.

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About Eezyl Font Family

A title font that looks better as larger the font size. First of all, it is designed for use in the upper-case format. Feature style:

  • futurism,
  • space,
  • modernism,
  • glyph variety (uniqueness (minimum automatic generation)).

A kind of „s‟ in the lower-case format sets the tone and emphasizes the character, formed in the Prime Numbers Nebula — they determined its appearance, and influenced the style as a whole.

Particular attention is paid to the kern: the kern table is formed manually, taking into account absolutely all the glyphs included in the font-family.

Two types of stress (grave, acute) for all letter glyphs.

The font contains basic Latin and several additional tables, as well as three types of quotation marks, a non-breaking space and a hyphen, a short, medium, and long dash. For a set of mathematical expressions there are centrifugal signs: equal, minus (not a hyphen or minus-hyphen), plus, multiplication (X-shaped and dot), plus-minus, division.

The font was made for 3 years.

Designers: Partu Haodis

Publisher: Partu Haodis

Foundry: Partu Haodis

Design Owner: Partu Haodis

MyFonts debut: Apr 29, 2022


About Partu Haodis

Font for me — an integral part of any work: literary, graphic (static), animated (video), game, software. Somewhere the font appears to be a "spoon of tar", obviously where it is incorrectly chosen, somewhere the font gives the impression the same that a cultural society is capable of, or something created from the heart, obviously where it is chosen correctly.Any work is a whole, composed of several works, including the font. My attitude to fonts is exactly this: as to pieces of art. Therefore, in creating fonts, I choose a creative (not mechanical or automatic) method, which has a place not only style but also ideas.

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