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Individual Styles from $16.00
Complete family of 2 fonts: $25.00
Equipage Font Family was designed by David Kerkhoff and published by Kitchen Table Type Foundry. Equipage contains 2 styles and family package options.

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Equipage Complete Family

2 fonts

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About Equipage Font Family

Équipage is a French word meaning ‘crew’. It is used for the crew on boats, airplanes, but it also applies to horse-drawn carriages and all that goes with it. Originally the word means ‘to fit out’ and it is probably derived from the Norse word ‘skipa’, which means ‘arrange, fit out a ship’. Then, if you’re really interested, the word ‘ship’ hails from this same word, just like the Danish ‘skib’, Middle Dutch ‘ship’, Dutch ‘schip’ and German ‘Schiff’.

See? You learn something every day!

Équipage is a really nice, handmade serif font. It is quite elegant and would look fantastic on labels, postcards and book covers. Comes with extensive language support and a set of alternates for the lower case glyphs.

Designers: David Kerkhoff

Publisher: Kitchen Table Type Foundry

Foundry: Kitchen Table Type Foundry

Design Owner: Kitchen Table Type Foundry

MyFonts debut: Jan 17, 2024


About Kitchen Table Type Foundry

Kitchen Table Type Foundry is run by me, David Kerkhoff. I also run Hanoded Fonts, which some of you may actually have heard of! :-0KTTF was created as an inspirational boost; a playground for new ideas and possibly font designs that may not fit the Hanoded Fonts brand - but I am not too strict about this rule. Since I design all the fonts, you may come across similarities - but that, unfortunately, is not something I can avoid. After all, it is just me, my laptop computer and the kitchen table I sit at when I design fonts and for which this foundry was named.

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