Evert Bloemsma
Evert Bloemsma graduated from the Art Academy in Arnhem, The Netherlands, in 1981. After having worked as a printer and graphic designer in The Hague and Arnhem, he moved to Hamburg to work on the production of digital fonts at URW, the inventors of Ikarus software. Here he also continued working on his own typeface designs, notably Balance. In 1990 and 1991 he worked as a typographer at Océ van der Grinten in Venlo, the Netherlands, where he took part in the production of laserprinter bitmap fonts and studied the effect of low-resolution output on the forms of typefaces. Since 1991 he has been working as a freelance graphic designer, typographer and photographer. His photographic work focuses on panoramic photos of architectural projects; in 1990, he did the graphic design and most of the photography for the worldwide exhibition Chandigarh, forty years after Le Corbusier. Apart from designing his own typefaces, Evert Bloemsma has been involved in technical issues concerning typeface production for Monotype and FontShop. Evert Bloemsma has been writing about architecture, type design and photography for magazines such as Forum, Page, Graficus, Vormberichten, Prepress Magazine, and Druk. He teaches type design at the Art Academy of Breda and Arnhem.

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