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by Ingrimayne Type
Individual Styles from $5.00
Complete family of 11 fonts: $15.00
FabFours Font Family was designed by Robert Schenk and published by Ingrimayne Type. FabFours contains 11 styles and family package options.

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About FabFours Font Family

A tessellation is a pattern in which a shape or tile fits together with copies of itself to fill the plane with no gaps or overlaps. One type of tessellation is formed with sides of center-point rotation, that is, one half of an edge is rotated 180 degrees to form the other half. If a square template is made with sides of identical center-point rotation, there are exactly four shapes that are possible. If these shapes or tiles are fit together not edge to edge but vertex to vertex, the result is a checkerboard-like pattern of tiles and voids. However, the voids have four edges formed by the four possible shapes that the tiles can have, so the voids are limited to the same four shapes that that make up the tiles. The FabFours have 22 tile families that allow a wide variety of fascinating patterns. They form one, two, three, and four tile tessellation. Eleven of the seventeen symmetry groups can be formed with these patterns. In each tile family two of the shapes have two possible orientations, one shape has four possible orientations, and one has eight, for a total of 16 tiles. Each font has two families, one on letters A-P the other on a-p. For some of the families there are also other tiles using the same edge but using triangular and hexagonal templates. To get proper results, the leading must be set equal to the point size of the font. I discovered these fabulous families and their decorative possibilities as I was working on a book about tessellations. I have not been able to find anyone else who has written about these families of four and their decorative possibilities when arranged vertex to vertex.

Designers: Robert Schenk

Publisher: Ingrimayne Type

Foundry: Ingrimayne Type

Design Owner: Ingrimayne Type

MyFonts debut: Nov 17, 2015

FabFours™ is a trademark of Ingrimayne Type.

About Ingrimayne Type

IngrimayneType distributes digital typefaces designed by Robert Schenk. Robert became fascinated with type design in the late 1980s and began designing type in 1988 with an early version of Fontographer. He has designed a wide variety of typefaces, from standard text fonts to bizarre decorative faces. Many of these faces were designed to meet specific needs but others were experimental, designed as a challenge to form letters that met a narrowly-defined criteria. Areas of special strength in the IngrimayneType library include novelty fonts, picture fonts including tessellations, and fonts with alternating character sets.

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