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by Supfonts
Individual Styles from $12.00
Fabejan Font Family was designed by Dmitrii Chirkov and published by Supfonts. Fabejan contains 1 styles.

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About Fabejan Font Family

Fabejan a perfect mixed calligraphy and modern serif

Font is an open type with clean shapes and precise kerning.

Fabejan Font Features:

- Full Set of standard alphabet and punctuation

- PUA Encoded - no special software needed to access extra characters

- **Language support**: All European languages

- Multilingual Characters AÁĂÂÄÀĀĄÅÃÆBCĆČÇĊDÐĎĐEÉĚÊËĖÈĒĘẼFGĞĢĠḠHĦIIJÍÎÏİÌĪĮĨJKĶLĹĽĻŁMNŃŇŅÑ OÓÔÖÒŐŌØÕŒPÞQRŔŘŖSŚŠŞȘẞTŤŢȚUÚÛÜÙŰŪŲŮŨVWẂŴẄẀXYÝŶŸỲỸZŹŽŻ aáăâäàāąåãæbcćčçċdðďđeéěêëėèēęẽfgğģġḡhħiıíîïìijīįĩjȷkķlĺľļłmnńňņñoóôöòőōøõœpþ qrŕřŗsśšşșßtťţțuúûüùűūųůũvwẃŵẅẁxyýŷÿỳỹzźžż

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Designers: Dmitrii Chirkov

Publisher: Supfonts

Foundry: Supfonts

Design Owner: Supfonts

MyFonts debut: Jul 21, 2022


About Supfonts

In my foundry, as an independent full-cycle type designer, I have created over 500 unique fonts. I'm proud to be the developer of the first Cyrillic handwritten OpenTypeSVG font.My clientele includes major companies such as Avon, Volksbanken, Raiffeisenbanken, Bioderma, Magnit Cosmetics, and Molotov. I have also developed identities for several renowned authors and created one of the most popular fonts for private advertising, 'Moon Time'.Currently, my work encompasses the entire font design process: from sketching to designing and launching the final product. My expertise and experience ensure the high quality and uniqueness of every font I create.

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