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by CozyFonts
Individual Styles from $25.00
Complete family of 3 fonts: $65.00
Flintlock Font Family was designed by Tom Nikosey and published by CozyFonts. Flintlock contains 3 styles and family package options.

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About Flintlock Font Family

The Flintlock Font Family has a Bold personality. The 'Rough' version of the Flintlock Font has a hand-carved or hand-etched edge, carefully crafted for each of over 300 glyphs. Caps, lower case, all numbers, fractions, accents and European characters that work in over 70 languages. 'Classically Built with a Vintage Flair'. Vintage in the American West Tradition that might have been forged and implemented from the 1860s through the 1930s and consequently fresh again. Flintlock Rough can be envisioned on many things dated from 1860 to present day. The font is available in 3 basic weights as of this release date. There are other versions on the drawing board... Flintlock Rough works extremely well with Posters, Branding, Movie Titles, Invites, Stationary, Signage, Embroidery, Letterpress, Ads, Logos and anything that feels Industrial or Hand-Crafted, eg. Coffee, Breweries, Antiques, Woodcuts, Western Styles, Sports Styles, Holidays, Menus, and more. Flintlock Flat & Flintlock Flat Italic are the siblings to Flintlock Rough without the hand-carved edge but rather clean with slightly rounded corners and edges. Extremely Legible, Bold and best used in all the same application descriptions mentioned above and more, specifically contemporary uses and settings, eg. Sports, Titles, Branding, Headlines, Logos and more. Curiously the Flat & Italic versions of Flintlock work extremely well in 1960s and 1970s settings.

Designers: Tom Nikosey

Publisher: CozyFonts

Foundry: CozyFonts

Design Owner: CozyFonts

MyFonts debut: Dec 17, 2019


About CozyFonts

CozyFonts Foundry was established by California designer Tom Nikosey whose career has been focused on Lettering, Logos, and typographic Illustration since 1975. Creating designs for notable rock bands, record covers, sports teams, postage stamps, product brands, and special event graphics. Tom's work is included in the Library of Congress. His natural segue was to finally design type fonts. There are many fonts in the works at CozyFonts. To Date, CozyFonts includes Aladdin Bold, Archiva, CF Nixt, CF CozyScript, Civic Sans, Ds Hand, Euroque, Flintlock, Fluze, Fontoddler, Irongate, Neuarc, Neuliner, Noodlerz, Planetype, Posterface, Pounder, Slenderz, Speener, Slatz, Skratchbook, Superfont, Toms Finger, & Victory Script Families. Visit

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