We are a tight-knit group of accomplished, designers who share a passion for high calibre typefaces. Founded in 2020 by David Fox, FontJuice has rapidly forged its reputation as a brand that focuses on the needs of its customers. FontJuice consistently punches above its weight especially against some of the bigger foundry sets.Our typical projects include multi-channel creative campaigns, brand guideline development, asset creation - including typography planning - art direction and post-production. Essentially, we are well placed to be involved with everything that shapes a brand.With a combined knowledge base spanning over 70 years, our team have an excellent understanding of the foundations of design, such as space, form, colour, layout, typography and imagery. Producing typefaces that will definitely add character to your print and web projects, our dedicated team of type designers have always strived to make beautiful fonts that work effortlessly on any given platform. If it is not up to our incredibly high standards, we will simply refuse to publish it!