Frank Heine
Frank Heine started his career with several internships with silk screen and offset printers, followed by employment at a graphic studio, where he worked intensively on corporate identities and graphic design/typography for museums and exhibitions. He graduated of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany in 1992. From 1991, he continually released fonts through different foundries, including Emigre, FontFont and T-26. His typeface designs span a wide range of styles: curly headliners, crisp text faces, reinterpretated historical faces, as well as spontaneous, rough experiments. Though they share no obvious similarities, all typefaces share a passion for details and an emphasis on quality. Heine’s fonts have extensive kerning pair sets, ligatures and alternative characters, offering the user a rich source for individual and expressive typography. In 1994, Frank Heine founded his own company, U.O.R.G. in Stuttgart. His work included graphic design projects such as corporate identities, logos, brochures, posters and design for museums and exhibitions. Heine’s work has been published in novum, Emigre magazine, Page, IDEA magazine, Graphis Digital Fonts 1, emotional_digital, Typography 17 and 20. He was member of German design associations (Bund Deutscher Graphik-Designer, Forum Typographie) and of the New York-based Type Directors’ Club (TDC). In 2003, Emigre published his last typeface design, Tribute. In September 2003 (shortly before his death), Gmeiner Verlag published his book Type &c. (ISBN 3-89977-300-4), featuring examples of his work.

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