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Franzi Variable

Franzi Variable

by Wannatype
Individual Styles from $211.00
Franzi Variable Font Family was designed by Ekke Wolf and published by Wannatype. Franzi Variable contains 1 styles.

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About Franzi Variable Font Family

The new sans-serif Franzi typeface family – as neutral as can be, but at the same time individual and striking. Its unmistakable character lies in the detail, with no effect pushing itself to the fore. As a wide-running typeface with a relatively large x-height, the typeface family is perfectly suited to small text sizes but, with its elegant details, it leaves nothing to be desired in display applications either. Originally designed with constructed, often rectangular elements, Franzi has gradually been rounded during the development process and is now less hard in order to guarantee optimal legibility.

Franzi Variable is designed alongside the italic and the weight axes. The italics are softly and elegantly drawn, while the upright characters appear much more severe. The design appeal reveals itself in the two-storey ‘a’ – a tribute to legibility in body copy; however, for those who prefer the geometric in applications, an alternative single-storey ‘a’ is also available.

All styles have small caps, superscript and subscript lowercase letters, lining, non-lining and small caps figures, fractions as well as several ligatures, alternative fonts, symbols and arrows. The Latin uppercase letters are also available as discreet swash variants. In addition to the extended Latin alphabet, the typeface family also includes the complete Greek, Cyrillic and International Phonetic Alphabet IPA.

Franzi was created as a further development of an order to produce a sign for a therapy practice in Vienna’s Franz-Hochedlinger-Gasse – hence the name, which is more common as an abbreviation for Franziska than as a diminutive for the male name Franz: Franzi is therefore a hybrid typeface name which has female tendencies.

Designers: Ekke Wolf

Publisher: Wannatype

Foundry: Wannatype

Design Owner: Wannatype

MyFonts debut: May 7, 2022

Franzi Variable

About Wannatype

Wannatype, founded in 2021 by type designer and book designer Ekke Wolf, is a small independent type foundry in the city of Vienna, Austria. It offers a growing variety of different fonts, for example Franzi, Wien, Runde Wien, Liebelei and the monospaced ZAP type system. Wannatype also hosts typeface families drawn by other designers: Convey, a semi-serif typeface family drawn by Gabriele Lenz, and Wienerlinien, a huge pixel typeface family by Helmut R. Nowak.

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