Frederick Awich
As a high school student, Frederick Awich found himself utilizing a number of unique typefaces in his projects with the aim of conveying a distinct and superlative aura in his works. This fascination with the general use and proper aesthetic implementations of fonts led to the design of his first typeface during the summer between his 9th and 10th grade years. Although he was dissatisfied with the outcome, Frederick decided to continue the endeavor by creating the Deleterious Design foundry. Only months after its inception, Frederick would create his first two fonts: Infringe and UndercoverLovahh. The construction of these fonts was the catalyst that inspired Frederick to do more. Not long afterward, Frederick received a spark of imagination that allowed him to imagine and jot down a conglomeration of future works, concocting new contributions while learning in class. Given his lack of formal design education, Frederick tends to drag his feet when it comes to fleshing out and realizing his typefaces. He has yet to find a method that eases the process of taking a typeface from concept to finished product. This, however, does not hold him back from wanting to further his abilities and bring more unique and desirable typefaces into the world. With regard to typography, Frederick would like nothing more than to contribute a mix of completely original typefaces and works inspired by a variety of everyday sights.

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