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Gama™ by Haiku Monkey
Licenses from $29.00
Complete family of 6 fonts: $29.00
Gama Font Family was designed by Alec Julien and published by Haiku Monkey. Gama contains 6 styles and family package options. More about this family


6 fonts
  • Gama Italic Gama Italic

  • Gama Highlights Gama Highlights

  • Gama Regular Gama Regular

  • Gama Highlights Italic Gama Highlights Italic

  • Gama Highlight Italic Gama Highlight Italic

  • Gama Highlight Gama Highlight

Per Style: $4.83

Pack of 6 : $29.00

About Gama Font Family

Gama is a display font meant to be used at large sizes, for any time you need a typeface that grabs attention and speaks loudly. You can use the Regular version as is, for a pure, futuristic statement. Or you can use the Highlight version for some extra flare. If you really want to get wild, layer the separate Highlights version on top of the Regular, so you can manipulate the highlighted parts apart from the letterforms. Each version comes in italics as well.

Designers: Alec Julien

Publisher: Haiku Monkey

Foundry: Haiku Monkey

Design Owner: Haiku Monkey

MyFonts debut: Jan 14, 2016

Gama™ is a trademark of Haiku Monkey.

About Haiku Monkey

About Haiku MonkeyHaiku Monkey is the brain-child of Alec Julien, who lovingly crafts display fonts from his lair in Vermont, USA.Why "Haiku Monkey"?If a million monkeys sat at a million typewriters and typed away incessantly, eventually one of them would be bound to come up with a beautiful haiku. What if those million monkeys were to sit at a million pads of paper, drawing with a million markers? Eventually one of them would be bound to come up with a beautiful font...