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by Rodrigo Navarro Bolado
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Garbancera Font Family was designed by published by Rodrigo Navarro Bolado. Garbancera contains 1 styles.

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About Garbancera Font Family

Gothic fraktur inspired design, I wanted to resemble old german calligraphy but making it very geometric, so I used an isometric reticle during sketching. This is a display font, created for BIG sizes, non textual. I recommend it for branding, poster, logos or titles. Its very experimental -- it exists within the limits of legible and illegible reading. I choose the name “Garbancera” because gothic calligraphy has issues that are linked with dark, gloomy, lugubrious things or fear feelings, culturally in Mexico. I related this with death and for mexicans, death is something we celebrate and give us joy and happiness, annoying, the most representative Mexican characters, one of those is “La Calavera Garbancera” or better known as “La Catrina”, a clothes skeleton with only a hat. It was drawn this way to make a critic to all Mexicans at that time, that were poor but they wanted to represent a high lifestyle, “those that where to the bones, but with a French hat with ostrich feathers”. La Catrina was created by José Guadalupe Posada, a Mexican lithographer but also a newspaper illustrator. I think this is a beautiful font that can lead to great results, just use it wisely.


Publisher: Rodrigo Navarro Bolado

Foundry: Rodrigo Navarro Bolado

Design Owner: Rodrigo Navarro Bolado

MyFonts debut: Jun 30, 2011


About Rodrigo Navarro Bolado

Sui géneris, is a term I believe describes me better because it's hard to include myself in a general idea or covering plurals, defining this as always seeking for authenticity -- because I feel dissatisfied with the standards. I define myself as a restless person, I like to experiment, try new things, trial and error, to know what's there to ask then how to do something different, play with and break things. Chaos is something that drives me to create, destroy things as to create new ones is part of my creative process for all new designs or images. Shocking, disturbing and leaving "something" in the viewers, an impression, a thought that remains, the goal is that -- leaving the viewer with an idea, good or bad, is not as crucial as getting the images remaining as a memorable souvenir.

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