Garrett Boge
Garrett Boge has over thirty years of professional lettering and type design experience. He began his career as a lettering artist and type designer at Hallmark Cards in the early 1980s, leaving to establish his own studio, initially in Kansas City and later in Seattle. Acquiring a Macintosh in 1986, Boge was one of the first independent type designers to embrace desktop font development tools, and start his own digital foundry — LetterPerfect. In the ensuing years, he has designed more than a two dozen original typefaces and produced over a hundred custom and proprietary faces for major companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Hallmark and Disney.. LetterPerfect’s growing line of original display fonts shows both Garrett’s early influence as a greeting card lettering artist, and his more recent interest in reviving historical lettering styles. His latest release, “Boge Text”, blends traditional aesthetic with contemporary refinement, in a serifed typeface family. Boge now lives and works out of his home in Palm Springs, California.

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