Gérard Mariscalchi
Gérard Mariscalchi has great expertise in graphic design. As a graphic designer, computer graphics artist, chief of a design studio, and also as an advertising officer, he has successfully worked first in France, then in Canada in various economic sectors such as advertising, manufacturing and publishing. He also has realized many projects for the governments. He is a skilled technician who possesses the most extensive knowledge of: typography, roughs and layouts, prepress and printing and also traditional calligraphy, watercolor and other techniques. He produced and published many corporate images, typefaces, postage stamps, technical illustrations, posters and administrative publications. He is able to handle the whole line of marketing literature from the just round the corner candy store pamphlet to the activity report of a major financial group. His work philosophy is: “Simple is best” and always brings a touch of French elegance and distinction throughout every realization. Gerard is self-taught. His professional life, shared with advertising agencies, announcers and clients, is the story of a continuous learning since he has to meet numerous new challenges almost every day.

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