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Harri Text

Harri Text

by Blancoletters
Individual Styles from $39.00
Complete family of 12 fonts: $260.00
Harri Text Font Family was designed by Juan Luis Blanco and published by Blancoletters. Harri Text contains 11 styles and family package options.

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About Harri Text Font Family

Harri Text is more than an extension of Harri. It shares its origin, a certain flavour and a great deal of its idiosyncrasies, but while Harri is an uppercase-only typeface intended for display uses, Harri Text is conceived as a text type family, including a new extra-light weight, italics, small caps and other additions that make it suitable for editorial purposes. As its predecessor Harri Text addresses several concerns regarding the dualism neutrality vs. idiosyncrasy, or in other words, how local features meet global design in the context of a modern society (as is the case in the Basque Country in recent times).

The origin of Harri Text —vernacular Basque lettering for the most part— is full of idiosyncrasies and peculiarities that, while giving them its special character, may hinder readability in some cases. The default set in Harri Text tones its essence down a little bit. It is still present, although less obstrusive. Stylistic sets 1, 2 and 3 are a chance to recover gradually this essence modifying some characters —specially the characteristic design of letter A– for those who seek a more local flavour. Stylistic set 4, on the other hand, does the opposite job, this is, removes asymmetrical serifs and other small details in order to create a more neutral atmosphere. Any traces to its origin are this way diluted resulting in a crisp and clean incise variant. Stylistic set 6 is available in the italic styles. It provides a more fluid and cursive flavour to some letters in case a calligraphic mood is desired.

Harri Text comes with 1054 glyphs in its character set (1078 in the italics) with support for more than 220 languages.

Designers: Juan Luis Blanco

Publisher: Blancoletters

Foundry: Blancoletters

Design Owner: Blancoletters

MyFonts debut: May 13, 2020

Harri Text

About Blancoletters

Blancoletters is a Basque Country based independent type foundry specialized in quality type projects, both custom and retail. Blancoletters is the commercial name of Juan Luis Blanco, a graphic designer, type designer and calligrapher based in Zumaia (Basque Country). He has specialized in multi-script font families comprising Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic and Tifinagh scripts. Currently he combines typography and calligraphy workshops with typographic projects, that focus in the Basque lettering style as well as multi script typefaces.

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