Heinrich Wieynck
The German designer Heinrich Wieynck (born 15. 9. 1874 in Barmen, Germany, died 4. 9. 1931 in Saarow, Germany) created the font in 1911. Phyllis font also appeared under the name Wieynck Cursive and was produced in 1911 by the Schriftgiesserei Bauer. Phyllis is a calligraphic font with slanted serifs. Its lively, generous capitals are a nice contrast to the reserved lower case leters. Distinguishing characteristics are the two-storied a and the forms of the v, w and y. Heinrich Wieynck expanded Phyllis font with an initialing alphabet of particularly decorative capitals, which will lend any text a graceful elegance. Phyliss is part of the Linotype Library. Phyllis is a trademark of Bauer Types SA.

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