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Hela by Renegade Fonts
Individual Styles from $0.00
Complete family of 14 fonts: $35.00
Hela Font Family was designed by Jan Charvát and published by Renegade Fonts. Hela contains 14 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Hela Font Family

Hela is a high contrast rounded font with interpolation twist. I have a personal saying that fits this font: So long you drive around nice lettering, until you digitize it. Hela comes from lettering of an old Czech textile company called Helana, which does not exist anymore, but the signage is still on the building. The weird thing on this font is that it does not add weight on every stem from Light to Black as usual, but rather adds more and more black stems to the light skeleton. Another nice thing about this font is that it does not include unnecessary glyphs. So there are just 10 figures - you don't have to think which one is the correct figure kind for you. There is just one kind. No alternates, no italics, no opentype features - even no lowercase. Well, who would use it anyway, it is a display font! Try it yourself with Basic character set for free.

Designers: Jan Charvát

Publisher: Renegade Fonts

Foundry: Renegade Fonts

Design Owner: Renegade Fonts

MyFonts debut: Dec 12, 2018


About Renegade Fonts