Helga Jörgenson
German designer Helga Jörgenson created the font in 1989 together with Sigrid Engelmann and Andrew Newton. ITC Golden Type is a revival of a font of British designer William Morris. Based on the roman designs of Nicholas Jenson, Golden Type was so named because it was first used to print The Golden Legend in 1892. Hint: this typeface should not be used in small point sizes or with tight letterspacing. In 1995 Helga Jörgenson created . "When I started drawing the first of them, I was very much inspired by dinosaurs, but during the work my fantasy guided me more and more and then became rather fabulous creatures." ITC Dinitials is a capital letter alphabet available in both black on white and white on black weights. ITC Golden Type and ITC Dinitials are included in the Linotype Library. ITC Golden Type is a registered trademark of International Typeface Corporation. ITC Dinitials is a trademark of International Typeface Corporation.

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