Heypentype Typeworks started by Rofiki Anas Ma'ruf on 2019. Heypentype heavily focused on creating and publishing a typefaces that based on extensive and in-depth typeface research, we believe through a research we can solve and offer a solutions to our fonts users.Prior from 2023 onwards Heypentype Typeworks developed a new approach in designing typeface. This methods and workflows results in more cohesive, inclusive beyond type family. Our design methods results are a typeface constellations. Where every constellations have one grand theme and solving a problem that we found when doing in-depth typeface research. Each constellations have many micro-world each solved problems and together with other micro-world typefaces there are creating constellations.At Heypentype typeworks, we do care on each font size because bigger font-size will make systems slow whether online or offline. Therefor, we optimized our font-engineering to achieve as minimal as font size without sacrificing detailed design and opentype features.