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HU Specialmovie KR

HU Specialmovie KR

by Heummdesign
Individual Styles from $25.00
Complete family of 2 fonts: $45.00
HU Specialmovie KR Font Family was designed by Haerin Lee and published by Heummdesign. HU Specialmovie KR contains 2 styles and family package options.

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About HU Specialmovie KR Font Family

HU SpecialmovieKR is a retro, wide square typeface, characterized by streamlined, narrow stroke ends such as 'ㄴ,ㅅ,ㅈ'. The first consonants are designed to be large with full modules to improve readability. The grapheme 'ㅇ', which is the face of the font, is in the form of a square in harmony with straight lines and curves, expressing a solid and simple feeling overall.

HU SpecialmovieKR includes Korean.

Designers: Haerin Lee

Publisher: Heummdesign

Foundry: Heummdesign

Design Owner: Heummdesign

MyFonts debut: Jun 7, 2023

HU Specialmovie KR

About Heummdesign

Heumm Design; Where you realize all your ideas and creativity Heummdesign is a design company that has especially specialized itself on typeface production. We have created 83 typefaces of 61 corporates, 291 outline fonts, 128 mobile fonts and 155 bitmap fonts since 2009. Our highly-skilled designers are capable of producing brand-new, finely designed, and easily legible typefaces, and this has led Heummdesign to be one of the most leading companies in font industry of South Korea. We are still working on making at least one new typefont each month, which can attract customers to expect for the upcoming font and be our loyal customers. Based on all the know-how that we have accumulated since Heummdesign was established, we are now focusing on growing our international capability and expanding our limits to global market. Heummdesign will put all the efforts to make our global customers satisfied with our fonts and be the next leading company in worldwide typeface market. Business of Heummdesign : Font Production - Possess ability to apply main technologies in representing fonts on screen ; Hinting, Kerning and Feature 1. Hinting : To give letters some kinds of “hints”, such as “apply this effect on the process of rasterizing”, so that they can prevent themselves from distortion. Inputting this information into outline letters is “Hinting”. 2. Kerning : To adjust space between letters when the letters don’t seem evenly-arranged because of their shapes, and make it look more natural 3. Feature : To put various designs in one letter and let users choose whatever shape they want, especially in the end of a word, to make it look more alive - Produce corporate typefaces that can establish the corporate identity and increase the brand value. - Possess OEM corporate typeface developing skills based on existing CI/BI - Develop at least 25 new outline fonts every year regarding the variety and sensitivity of customers. - Develop mobile fonts that are optimized for mobile device, and provide many different types of designs and high legibility on mobile screen. - Supply mobile fonts to Samsung Galaxy and LG smartphone stores and always rank in top 10 best sellers of each month. Contact : [email protected] twitter : @heummdesign

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