Hurme Design

Located in Helsinki, Finland, Toni Hurme utilizes his background as a graphic designer to create his foundry’s typefaces. “I set type and use fonts daily alongside other designers in the studio. I like to think that this has given me a pretty good idea of what other designers want and need.” Toni spent 15 years working as a graphic designer specializing in branding before he released his first typeface in 2013. During that time, he started to hone an interest in drawing typefaces and when he was unable to find the right font for projects he was working on, he simply created new ones for himself. His debut collection, the Hurme Geometric Sans family, is comprised of four different typefaces. “All of them are based on the same skeleton and share the majority of the glyphs,” he said. “It’s based on the idea that when the actual design is pretty much as simple as it gets, a geometric sans, small variations in the glyphs create a pronounced impact on the overall look of the typeface. I wanted to give designers the control to choose a style depending on their needs. Instead of offering one strict design, I think it’s more useful to offer a broader design space to move around in.”