International TypeFounders

Steve Jackaman, a British typography expert with over 40 years experience, formed International TypeFounders, Inc. (ITF) in 1994. ITF specializes in all facets of corporate type design, custom font design, mono and colorable logo font solutions, font production, and is one of the few companies that can provide “delta” hinting. It provides OEM and special font licensing choices for clients of all sizes. The company also manages several font collections including: ABC Types, the Mecanorma Collection, Prime Graphics, and the extensive Red Rooster Collection. The Red Rooster Collection features numerous exclusively licensed font collections and independent designers, such as: Typsettra/Les Usherwood collection, the Ludlow collection, the TP collection, Stephenson Blake, Ltd., the Robert DeLittle collection, Hal Taylor, the Face collection, QBF, Darren Scott, Alessandro Segalini, Foster & Horton, and Arthur Baker.